Overcoming the Shortcomings of NGFWs & UTMs

A Consolidated Platform of Unified DPI Firewall and Gateways: Affordable, Simple & Effective
Network Security
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Stop DoS/DDoS Attacks Effeciently

Eliminate the risk of false positives, performance degradation, and additional costs by using the TG8 DPI Firewall to protect against DoS/DDoS attacks. Unlike traditional firewalls that rely on rate and connection limitations, the TG8 DPI Firewall leverages session intelligence and deep packet inspection to identify and block SYN flood and other DoS/DDOoS attacks.

Block Psiphon Without SSL Inspection

Protect your business from policy violations by blocking Psiphon VPN software and others by thoroughly analyzing session behavior and using packet fingerprinting. The TG8 DPI firewall can easily block Psiphon VPN and quarantine the source address.

Avoid External Website Malicious Codes

By using its powerful engines for inline Web Secure Gateway, TG8 can protect your network from user-accessed content embedded malicious codes found on Internet websites at unprecedented speed.


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Enhance Security and Retain Investment Through TG8 Integrations

TG8 partners with top security companies to seamlessly interconnect with their Sandboxing, Threat Intelligence and SIEM. TG8 engines can integrate with others through its ready APIs.

Security and Performances for Large-Scale Data Centers

TG8 surpasses NGFWs and UTMs, offering multilayer network protection with superior performance in a single platform. Its enhanced and comprehesive security engines offer advanced security to protect your IT infrastructure from evolving cyber threats, and the fastest throughput on the market to meet the bandwidth requirements of enterprises and large-scale datacenters.

Flexible and Unified Security Engines with Greater Performances in a Single Platform

Each TG8 engine is fully functional, equipped with numerous advanced features. Based on your specific security needs, you have the flexibility to deploy All-In-One Protection without compromising performance or run each engine on separate devices.


Appliances, Software or Cloud Security

Deploy TG8 Appliances, ISO/VM Image, or utilize the Cloud to meet your present and future network requirements. TG8 appliances provide extended life warranty, ensuring availability, scalability, and affordability.

Prevent Viruses Embedded in Large Downloaded Files

TG8's robust gateway antivirus is capable of scanning files and programs of any size to effectively thwart embedded attacks. Thanks to TG8's innovative parallel processing and multithreaded architecture, this advanced functionality is achieved without sacrificing performance.

Improve WAN Bandwidth and Enhance Application Performances

TG8's optimized SD-WAN Engine delivers top-notch SD-WAN services to your business, excelling in functionality, performance, and security. Powered by the TG8 DPI Firewall Engine, the TG8 SD-WAN Engine provides quality of service, security, and application routing. This empowers branches to efficiently access cloud-based resources without burdening the main datacenter with excessive traffic.

Track, Pinpoint, and Predict Incidents

Every TG8 engine includes a built-in security reporting and anaysis module that empowers you to trace incidents and identify their root causes. These modules offer a comprehensive set of built-in reports that utilize real-time and historical logs. Additionally, you can activate threat hunting capabilities, providing intelligent visibility and proactive incident prediction.

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Protect your Business from Phishing Attacks

Each TG8 engine integrates the finest threat intelligence feeds, collaborating with leading intelligence services or seamlessly integrating with your preferred IT vendors. This ensures the detection and prevention of the most recent phishing attacks and zero-day threats.