TG8 offers advanced email security for email gateways, either on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Far beyond the typical anti-spam solution, The TG8 Email Engine uses parallel processing and multithreaded technology to protect your business email services on multiple layers, from common attacks to the most advanced bombardments.

Basic Email Security

The basic The TG8 Email Security module provides catered email filtering and security. Filtering functionalities are based on sender IP, sender domain blacklisting, basic email content anti spam lists. The email security policy is based on IP, email and enforced by your domain rules. The module is enhanced by a dedicated The TG8 antivirus engine with more than thirty million signatures for attachment scanning.

Extended Email Security

The Extended Email Security Module applies security intelligence to scan for embedded URLs in email content and prevent phishing attacks. Additionally, reverse MX lookup, host address reputation and verification, domain-IP verification, content and deep spam content filtering are applied.

Email Analytics and Reporting Module

The TG8 Email Security Engine includes a built-in Analytics and Reporting module to display a dashboard and easily generate graphical summary reports, including top sender, top spammer and others.

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