The TG8 Firewall Engine offers advanced security, exceptional performance, and seamless integration to go beyond the technology of the next generation firewalls.

Deep Packet Inspection Firewall

The TG8 Firewall Engine is capable of thoroughly scanning not only the IP header and application layer but also the payload. Due to its parallel processing and multithreaded architecture, the deep packet inspection is done at unprecedented speeds. Since this technology scans the packet payload, many advanced security techniques can be used to prevent ever evolving cyber threats.

Built-in Firewall Session Intelligence

This feature makes TG8 immune to DoS/DDoS attacks. Unlike other firewall technology, TG8 uses a policy-based rule to prevent non-volumetric DoS attacks like Slow HTTP Attacks.

Source Country Filtering

The geo-location firewall filtering is based on not only the destination country but the source country. This prevents users from unwanted countries from browsing your published servers in order to minimize the risk of attacks.

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