TG8’s Engines are optimized to protect your large-scale telecom/ISP networks using minimal hardware resource, which saves you money on your cybersecurity gateways.

Boost Your Network Security Performance

Make TG8’s parallel processing and multithreaded technology work for you and give your network the unprecedented performance you need. Add more users to the same device with no loss of performance.

Let TG8’s Virtual Context Technology Extend Your Managed Security Services

TG8’s Virtual Context Technology allows you to offer your customers cybersecurity Gateway services at a Lower Cost.

Benefit from TG8’s ID Protocol in Simplifying IP Subnetting

Remotely configure and manage your multiple site IP addresses using TG8’s ID protocol which deals with IDs instead of IPs removing the probability of IP subnetting overlap.

Offer Safe Internet Surfing to Your Subscribers

No matter whether you have thousands or millions of subscribers, the TG8 Web Filtering Engine and the TG8 HTTPs Content Scanning Engine can ensure that families and children can browse the internet safely and at optimum speed. These engines can meet all requirements using minimal hardware resources.

Prevent Advanced Cyber Attacks

Combined with the TG8 IPS Engine, the Deep Packet Inspection Firewall Engine can detect and prevent advanced intrusions such as fragmented and fileless attacks which can be embedded in the data frame payload.

Stop DoS/DDoS Attacks Using TG8’s Firewall Session Intelligence

Stopping DoS/DDoS attacks is easy using TG8’s Firewall Session Intelligence. A typical TG8 firewall is immune to, and will stay up during, these attacks.

Maximize your VPN Connections Speed

The TG8 VPN Engine (client-to-site or site-to-site) is the fastest VPN on the market and will help your clients get the best performance out of their internet connections.

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