TG8 offers the most flexible cybersecurity gateway licensing on the market and has minimal hardware requirements.

VM/ISO Image - Flexible Licensing to Meet your Specific Business Needs.

Select from our flexible licensing plans for TG8 all-in-one or individual engines, whether you choose to install on a VM server or on a barebones PC/server hardware. Our unique parallel processing and multithreaded technology allows our TG8 ISO/VM image to use a minimally configured PC/Server. You will get the same functions and performance on that PC/Server as you would on TG8’s appliances. Licensing can be expanded without changing hardware, and you will see no degradation in performance. Your annual support does not begin until you activate the license, so you can have upgrades on hand with no loss.

Cloud-based Security Services - Flexible Cloud Based Security Services

Subscribe to TG8’s engines in the cloud and reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. TG8 offers flexible subscriptions for TG8’s engines to meet your business needs. TG8’s Virtual Context Technology enables TG8 to offer powerful engines to customers at a lower cost.

Deploy The Appliance That Meets Your Networking Needs at a Lower Cost.

TG8 Cybersecurity All-in-One Bundle

Run TG8 Engines as All-in-One Bundle with no Effect on Performance.

Security & Technology TG8 All-in-One Bundle
Firewall OK
Antivirus OK
Application Control OK
Web Filtering OK
Web Server Protection OK
HTTP(s) Content Scanning OK
Analytics & Reporting OK
Email Security Add-On
Extended Email Security Add-On
Extended Security
Threat Intelligence Add-On
Sandboxing Add-On
DPI Firewall OK
Firewall Session Intelligence OK
Parallel Processing OK
Multithreaded OK
DPI Technology OK
Site to Site VPN SSL OK
Machine Learning Add-On
TG8 ID Protocol Add-On

Top TG8 Appliances

TG8 Offers Many Appliances with the Option to Customize Appliances for Special Large-Scale Projects.

Model Scale Users
TG8 - S50 Small Up to 100
TG8 - M250 Medium 101-500
TG8 - L750 Large 501-2,500
TG8 - E1500 Enterprise 2,501-10,000
TG8 - X2000 OK > 10,000

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