TG8 Revolutionizes the Cybersecurity Gateway

After noticing a lack of affordable yet powerful cybersecurity gateways on the market, ToGrow decided to revolutionize the market by developing a device that would not only provide unprecedented performance and meet all business requirements, but to do so at a low cost. With over 25 years in the IT industry and the insight gained from watching the evolution of network security technology, executive members at ToGrow brought together a network of talented and experienced programmers to develop the TG8 Engines. With experienced development teams, utilizing their cybersecurity programming and site engineering skills, the engines - for business and worldwide communications - are now on the market.

TG8 Delivers Innovative Cybersecurity Gateways

Addressing a perceived gap in the technology marketplace - that of a lack of DPI and HTTP(s) content scanning that was affordable and yet could still meet the needs of a large scale datacenters, TG8, a registered trademark of ToGrow - and registered in the USA, began to work with a set of partners, worldwide, to support their engines. These engines can address many evolving cybersecurity issues, including ransomware, advanced malware, DoS/DDoS attacks, HTTP(s) embedded malware, fileless attacks, phishing attacks and advanced persistent attacks.

TG8 Protects Big and Saves You Money

No matter the scale of your operations - from small business to datacenter to telecom, TG8’s engines will save you money. By running on a single CPU PC, with no required chipset or CPU speed, the hardware costs will be less than any other device on the market. Whether you choose the TG8 appliance or a stand-alone PC, your resource needs are minimal and you will always gain the benefit of TG8’s best in class performance.

TG8 Integrates with Top Security Products

Understanding that partnership with top security agencies is the way forward, TG8’s engines will work with, and alongside, many of the top cybersecurity devices on the market today. To this goal, ToGrow vows to devote further financial resources towards the development of engines that will help business owners protect their business from cyber attacks and to meet the requirements of their network and applications needs.

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