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Your Security, Your Way - OS, Virtual, Hardware, Cloud

TG8 on Standard Intel Architecture

Optimized for standard Intel architecture, TG8 excels on existing hardware or in virtual environments. Its adaptability extends to hardware appliances and the cloud, providing simplicity and scalability. Experience TG8's best-in-class capabilities, seamlessly integrating for robust security.

Empower Your Digital Future with TG8

TG8 on X86-64 architecture is not just a solution; it's a commitment to unlocking the full potential of your computing experience. Experience flexibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and high performance like never before. Choose TG8 for security that evolves with your needs. Deploy, protect, and thrive with TG8.

Supporting Enterprises of All Sizes

TG8's architecture is designed to fulfill the security and performance needs of enterprises, whether small, medium, or large in scale. Choose from TG8's scalable appliances or seamlessly install the TG8 platform on existing hardware to address both current and future business requirements effectively.

Unleashing Power and Flexibility: TG8 on X86-64 Architecture

Discover TG8, an intricately designed security and performance solution tailored for the demands of the modern digital era. Positioned as a pinnacle of innovation, TG8 is optimized for X86-64 architecture, promising unmatched benefits for our customers

Scalability at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly scaling to meet your organization's expanding needs, TG8's architecture unlocks boundless possibilities. Seamlessly adapting to evolving demands, it ensures consistent high performance across the board. With TG8, scalability becomes a simple touch away, empowering your growth journey without compromising efficiency.

High-Performance Computing

Unleashing computing excellence, TG8 on X86-64 architecture consistently surpasses expectations. From single CPUs to robust servers, TG8 maximizes your hardware's potential, ensuring an unparalleled level of optimal performance in any computing scenario. Elevate your digital experience with TG8's mastery of high-performance computing.

Unique Parallel Processing and Multithreading

TG8's innovative architecture is equipped with unique parallel processing and multithreading capabilities. Experience comprehensive security services without impacting the performance of your system, even when running on a single CPU.

Sustaining Security: Triumphs Over End-of-Life Hardware

TG8’s architecture gracefully conquers challenges posed by end-of-life hardware, breathing new life into aging systems. Offering resilience and cost-effectiveness, X86 ensures a seamless transition, revitalizing security infrastructure. Safeguard digital assets with an enduring shield—X86 triumphs over hardware limitations, prolonging security resilience.

Streamlining Maintenance: Spare Parts Accessibility

TG8’s architecture transforms maintenance into a seamless task, simplifying processes and ensuring spare parts availability. Businesses experience heightened efficiency with X86, where system upkeep becomes accessible and straightforward. Elevate your IT operations with X86, where simplicity meets robust functionality.

Versatile Deployment Scenarios

TG8 OS Image

Choose TG8 as your operating system of choice, providing a secure foundation for your computing environment. Install TG8 OS Image effortlessly and experience the power of X86-64 optimization firsthand.

TG8 Virtual

Optimize your resources with TG8 Virtual. Whether in a data center or on your workstation, virtualization with TG8 ensures a dynamic and efficient computing environment.

TG8 Hardware Appliances

TG8 Security provides a range of appliance models tailored for installations of varying sizes, all at a cost-effective price point. Each appliance model includes a comprehensive 10-year support service with no end-of-life term. Committed to swift delivery, TG8 adheres to an immediate to short-term delivery policy. Additionally, for special large-scale projects, TG8 offers the flexibility to customize appliances according to unique requirements.

Top TG8 Appliances

TG8-S50 Small UP to 100
TG8-M250 Medium 100-1000
TG8-L750 Large 1001 – 2500
TG8-E1000 Enterprise 2501 – 10,000
TG8-X2000 Service Provider > 10,000

TG8 In the Cloud

Embrace the cloud with TG8. Deploy your security platform seamlessly in cloud environments, ensuring consistent protection across distributed networks.