Offering Appliances,
  Software and
Cloud at Lower Costs

Unprecedented Performances

Our unique parallel processing and multithreaded technology enables TG8 to deliver the fastest throughput on the market whether you deploy TG8 appliances, software or in cloud.

Protecting Small to large Enterprises

TG8’s powerful engines can meet the security and performance requirements of small, medium, and large enterprises. Select from TG8 scalable appliances or install TG8 platform on existing hardware to meet current and future business requirements.

Flexible and Proven Deployment Scenarios

Top TG8 Appliances

Model Business Size Network Users
TG8-S50 Small UP to 100
TG8-M250 Medium 100-1000
TG8-L750 Large 1001 - 2500
TG8-E1000 Enterprise 2501 - 10,000
TG8-X2000 Service Provider > 10,000

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      Software (VM or ISO Image)

      Cloud-based Security Services

    Flexible Cloud Based Security Services

    Subscribe to TG8’s security engines in the cloud and reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. TG8 offers flexible subscription terms to meet your specific needs.

    Multi-Tenant Capability

    TG8’s Virtual Context Technology enables a TG8’s device to provide multiple logical engines to secure customers at a lower cost.