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Extended Logging, Deep Insights,
No Extra Device

Proactive Insights for Robust Security

Explore the power of TG8's built-in Logging and Monitoring. Our Unified DPI Firewall and Gateways, including Email Security and WAF, offer comprehensive visibility and insights. Benefit from proactive monitoring with no additional cost.

Advanced Security Logging for Incident Traceability

Our security logging facilitates rapid incident tracing, pinpointing root causes for swift response. Businesses benefit from detailed insights, enhancing cyber resilience against potential threats. Trust our advanced logging solutions to fortify your security infrastructure.

Transparent Defense Analytics

Delve into the Unified DPI Firewall Logs provided by TG8. Gain transparent insights into network activities, threat detection, and performance metrics. Empower your security team with actionable analytics for a proactive defense strategy.

Real-Time Email Threat Intelligence

Experience real-time Email Threat Intelligence through TG8's Email Security Dashboard. Detect and respond to email threats promptly with detailed logs and analytics. Elevate your email security strategy with our built-in monitoring.

Shielding Web Assets Effectively

Monitor and protect your web assets with TG8's Web Application Firewall (WAF) Monitoring. Gain real-time insights into web traffic, security events, and application performance. Ensure the effective shielding of your web applications.

Prolonged Insights, Zero Additional Cost

Enjoy extended log retention benefits with TG8's Logging and Monitoring. Retain logs for an extended period, providing prolonged insights into security events and network activities. Experience comprehensive visibility without incurring additional costs.

Tailored Insights at Your Fingertips

Customize your monitoring experience with TG8's Dashboard Customization Options. Tailor the dashboard to showcase metrics that matter most to your security team. Enjoy a personalized and intuitive monitoring interface.

Strengthened Defense with Incident Insights

Prepare for incidents with TG8's Logging and Monitoring. Identify potential threats and respond swiftly with incident insights. Strengthen your overall defense strategy with proactive monitoring and real-time incident readiness.

Effortless Compliance Management

Simplify compliance tracking and reporting with TG8's built-in Logging and Monitoring. Ensure adherence to security standards effortlessly, with detailed logs and reports readily available. Streamline your compliance management with TG8's powerful features.