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Secure Emails, Defend Against
Modern Threats

Seamless Email Security: TG8 Integration Mastery

Initiate a journey of cyber resilience as you experience advanced email security gateway effortlessly with TG8, seamlessly integrated into our consolidated security platform. Unparalleled performance and comprehensive protection are just an activation away.

Elevate Your Email Security with TG8

Embark on the ultimate email security journey with TG8, presenting an advanced Secure Email Gateway meticulously crafted for on-premises and cloud environments., the TG8 Secure Email Gateway utilizes cutting-edge security techniques to fortify your business email services across multiple layers.

Fastest Scanning and Filtering

Benefit from TG8's revolutionary parallel processing and multithreaded technology, ensuring the fastest scanning and filtering rate in the market. Safeguarding inbound and outbound emails for businesses of all sizes, TG8 Email Security excels in defending against common attacks and advanced bombardments.

Catered Email Filtering and Security

Tailor your email security with TG8's catered filtering functionalities. From sender IP and domain blacklisting to basic email content anti-spam lists, our Email Security Gateway provides customizable protection. The security policy, based on IP and email, is rigorously enforced by your domain rules.

Seamless Protection, Anywhere You Choose

Opt for on-premises deployment or cloud hosting with TG8 Secure Email Gateway as your unwavering guardian. Elevate your email security with the fastest and most comprehensive defense against evolving cyber threats. Deploy TG8 today for unmatched protection and peace of mind, far surpassing traditional anti-spam solutions.

Unleashing TG8 Antivirus: Robust Defense, Swift Scanning

Uncover the might of TG8 Antivirus, equipped with over ten million antimalware signatures. Through swift attachment scanning, it delivers a robust and high-speed defense, tackling potential threats embedded in files of any size.

Unlock Security Insights: Reverse MX Lookup

Embark on heightened email security with Reverse MX Lookup. By scrutinizing mail server configurations, this feature identifies and neutralizes potential threats, ensuring the safety of your communication channels.

Host Address Reputation and Verification: Ensure Trustworthiness

In the realm of email security, trust is paramount. Host Address Reputation and Verification meticulously scrutinize sender addresses, reducing risks linked to dubious origins. Strengthen your defense against malicious entities with this vital feature.

Enhanced Security: Domain-IP Verification

Take your email security to new heights with Domain-IP Verification. This crucial feature confirms the legitimacy of sender information, introducing an extra layer of authentication for secure and reliable communication. Elevate your defenses and ensure the integrity of your email channels.

Deep Spam Content Filtering: Unrivaled Spam Protection

Immerse yourself in unparalleled protection through Deep Spam Content Filtering. This feature, by thoroughly analyzing email content, fortifies your defenses, effectively identifying and mitigating potential spam threats. Elevate your email security with this advanced layer of protection.

Defend Against Email Spoofing

Safeguard your digital identity with our proactive measures against email spoofing. Utilizing advanced authentication and vigilant monitoring, we ensure malicious actors cannot impersonate your brand, securing your communication channels effectively.

Mitigating Phishing Links: Strengthening Email Security

Incorporating advanced techniques and seamless third-party integration, our Secure Email Gateway is at the forefront of defending against phishing threats. Leveraging potent threat intelligence and real-time analysis, we proactively identify and neutralize phishing links, ensuring a robust defense within your email ecosystem, and preserving user trust.