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Fortify Network Perimeters: Boost Performance, Visibility, Security

Revolutionize Security: Beyond Next Gen Firewalls

Elevate your network's defense with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall. Unlike Next Gen Firewalls and UTMs, our fully-fledged DPI firewall applies thousands of security rules to every network packet, providing an extra layer of security. Say goodbye to latency and enforce security without compromising compliancy.

Boosting Security and Speed, Leaving Proxy Mode Behind

Proxy mode risks network security with a single point of failure, creating blind spots in encrypted traffic and causing performance bottlenecks. TG8 Unified DPI Firewall provides a superior alternative, addressing these shortcomings by ensuring robust security and optimal performance.

Stop Attack Sources: Targeted Defense Against Cyber Threats

Experience proactive security with TG8 DPI Firewall. Effectively stop traffic originating from applications, users, or countries launching cyber-attacks. Protect your network by thwarting potential threats at their source, ensuring a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Scalability Reinvented

Experience effortless scalability with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall. Unlike traditional solutions, TG8 adapts seamlessly to your business growth, ensuring robust security without compromising performance. Expand operations and accommodate distributed workforces with confidence, as TG8 scales to meet evolving demands.

Enhanced Visibility Across Networks

Transform visibility into a strategic advantage with TG8. Traditional perimeter security falls short in providing comprehensive insights into network activities. TG8 offers a holistic view, empowering your security teams to detect and respond to threats effectively. Real-time monitoring and detailed analytics enhance your visibility for a proactive defense stance.

Simplified Management Complexity

Bid farewell to the complexities of managing traditional security. TG8 redefines security management with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Whether configuring policies, monitoring activities, or implementing updates, TG8 streamlines the entire process. Simplify security management tasks and empower your teams effortlessly with TG8.

Prevent Insider Attacks: Secure Your Network from Within

Guard against insider threats with TG8 DPI Firewall, blocking the inadvertent spread of worms, viruses, and malware. Whether it's laptops or VPN-connected devices, TG8 ensures a robust and secure network environment, staying ahead of potential risks from internal devices.

Advanced Threat Prevention: Unmatched Security Vigilance

Benefit from TG8 IPS and advanced threat prevention technology. Inspect all traffic with full user control, automatically blocking known threats irrespective of port, protocol, or TLS/SSL encryption. Enjoy comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats.

Latency-Free Security: TG8 DPI Firewall Breaks Proxy Barriers

Addressing the latency challenges of proxy setups, TG8 DPI Firewall enforces robust security without compromising network performance. Achieve stringent security standards compliance while ensuring optimal network operations—a critical balance for safeguarding your digital assets.

Resilient Defense: TG8 Firewall Session Intelligence

Elevate your network security with TG8's Firewall Session Intelligence, an innovative solution that efficiently halts network-based DDoS attacks. Powered by rule-based policies and requiring minimal hardware resources, TG8 sets a new standard in robust protection without compromising performance.

Dual-Powered Gateway Protection: TG8 Unified DPI Firewall

Empower your gateway defense with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall, a robust shield fortified by advanced security mechanisms and traditional signatures. Experience proactive protection against malware and evolving cyber threats, setting the standard for innovative and effective security solutions.

Control Internet Browsing: TG8 Web Filtering

Optimize workplace efficiency with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall's precise web filtering, driven by Machine Learning (ML) and a categorization database. This double-checks system ensures organized decisions, enhancing control over internet browsing for heightened productivity and seamless operations.

Precision and Simplicity in Apps Control

Leverage fingerprinting technology with TG8 Apps Control to halt Psiphon VPN client software and similar apps without TLS/SSL inspection. Effortlessly manage and restrict unnecessary cloud and social media applications, optimizing network resources and bolstering security for enhanced operational efficiency.

Maximize Security Benefits with TG8 IPS

Explore the myriad benefits of TG8's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), combining efficient session approach with DPI firewall advanced features for proactive defense against a wide range of cyber threats. Elevate your network's security with TG8, where robust protection seamlessly integrates with optimized performance.

Specialized Protection for Industrial Networks

Bolster SCADA networks and industrial platforms with TG8’s specialized IPS signatures, meticulously designed to safeguard critical infrastructure from evolving cyber threats. Elevate your security stance, ensuring the resilience of mission-critical systems with TG8 IPS expertise.

Swift Threat Response with TG8 IPS

Count on TG8 IPS for near-real-time defense against cyber threats. This proactive system automatically detects and prevents malicious behavior, minimizing false positives. Elevate your cybersecurity response with efficiency and precision, trusting TG8 to enhance the resilience of your digital landscape.

Simplified Browsing Policy Enforcement with TG8 Web Filtering

Maintaining control over internet access and enforcing security policies becomes a seamless process with TG8 Web Filtering. This feature empowers your organization to set adaptive policies that align with your specific security requirements. Whether it's restricting access to certain categories of websites or preventing the use of specific applications