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TG8 All-In-One Protection (AIO) is stemmed by the powerful TG8 DPI firewall technology for the ultimate business protection. It includes advanced security engines in a single platform to protect networks, applications, and users from ever evolving cyber-attacks at exceptional performances. TG8 AIO protection is designed to protect small to large business sizes.
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Multilayer Cybersecurity Gateway Protection

TG8 (AIO) Protection provides the most comprehensive cybersecurity gateway on the market from one device with the highest throughput. TG8 AIO has the capacity to run (Networking Security Bundle, Secure Web Gateway Bundle, Email Security, WAF and Security Monitoring) in a single platform with no impact on performances.

TG8 All-in-One Protection Surpassing UTMs and NGFWs

TG8 is powered by innovative parallel processing and multithreaded architecture to run multiple TG8 engines on one device with no lose performances. The TG8 Engines are fully optimized and equipped with numerous advanced features that deliver maximum throughput. TG8 AIO meets the security and performance requirements of today’s cybersecurity gateways and overcomes the shortcomings of UTMs and NGFWs.

Extended Security

The TG8 (AIO) protection is enhanced and integrated with sandboxing technology and threat intelligence inputs that will prevent phishing attacks, IP reputation threats, and zero-day victimization of your business.

Why TG8 All-in-One Protection

Flexible and Affordable

TG8 AIO Protection is the most cost-effective because it requires minimum hardware specifications whether deploying TG8’s appliances or using existing servers. TG8 is easy to configure with its user-friendly interfaces and manage all engines in a single platform.

Simple and Effective Cybersecurity Solution

Reduce the number of deployed cybersecurity gateway devices by deploying TG8 AIO Protection to reduce operating cost and simplify maintenance. TG8 AIO Protection combines powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity engines in a single platform with a simple graphic interface for easier configuration and administration.

Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses on High Availability

The high availability of a multilayer cybersecurity solution is made cost-effective and simple by deploying TG8 AIO Protection. In addition to the active device, another device with no security license is needed to achieve business continuity. The security license on the active device can be transferred to the passive device when the latter becomes active.

Flexible Deployment License Models

TG8 AIO is offered in appliances, software (VM/ISO Image) and cloud security services to meet your business requirements and reduce expenses. TG8 is independent of hardware architecture to ensure maximum performances regardless of the deployment model. TG8 AIO offers multiple engines in a single platform. Some engines are activated to meet current security requirements while others are activated on the same device later.

Smart Security Visibility

TG8’s engines come with built-in security monitoring modules to monitor and pinpoint the root cause of attacks. The dashboard displays relevant data from TG8 engines to monitor current cyber threats and activities and increase visibility across your network environments.

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