Intelligent Security That
   Makes Emails Safer for Any Organization

TG8 Offers Advanced Secure Email Gateway, either on-premises or hosted on the cloud. Far beyond the typical anti-spam solution, the TG8 Email Engine uses advanced security techniques to protect your business email services on multiple layers, from common attacks to the most advanced bombardments.

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The Fastest Scanning and Filtering Rate

TG8’s innovative parallel processing and multithreaded enables TG8 email security to secure inbound and outbound emails of small to large enterprises at the fastest rate on the market.

Advanced Phishing Protection

TG8 Email Security combines intelligent detection and HTTPS content scanning to reduce human activated risks and protect against advanced phishing threats.

Ransomware Risk Mitigation

TG8 Email Security applies multiple intelligent detection techniques including HTTPs content scanning, threat intelligence, machine learning, and powerful antivirus to reduce ransomware risk.

Powerful Antivirus

The TG8 Antivirus, which is injected with more than ten million antimalware signatures, can scan any attachment regardless of its size at faster rate.

Advanced email protection

The Extended Email Security Module applies advanced techniques for reverse MX lookup, host address reputation and verification, domain-IP verification, and deep spam content filtering.

Email Filtering and Security functionalities

The TG8 Email Security provides catered email filtering and security. Filtering functionalities are based on sender IP, sender domain blacklisting, and basic email content anti-spam lists. The email security policy is based on IP, email and enforced by your domain rules.

Email Security Monitoring

The TG8 Email Security Engine includes a built-in security monitoring module to display a dashboard and easily display graphical summary reports, including top sender, top spammer, and others.

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