Built-in Security Monitoring
   for Smart Visibility and Granular Reporting

The TG8 DPI Firewall Engine increases your visibility across your network environment, users, and apps. It can track the root cause of incidents, and predict future cyber-attacks with no need to an additional device.

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Threat Hunting

TG8’s Threat Hunting Module applies intelligence and machine learning to collect and analyze traffic to identify abnormalities and predict future incidents.

Monitor Traffic Inline

Monitor inline network traffics including IPV4 and IPV6 packet on both ingress and egress of directions of TG8’s interface. Lawfully Intercept and observe specified data network traffic on a TG8 device participating in the network

Display Inline and Historic Reports Across TG8 Engines

Use TG8 built-in security monitoring module to display various inline or historic reports about each engine. You may display reports related to Internet access usage to identify those who violated your security policy or watched YouTube sports during working hours. Other engine reports such as top spammers, email top sender, top download files, etc. can be generated in a few clicks.

All-In-On Monitoring Dashboard

Display relevant data from TG8 engines in a dashboard to monitor current cyber threats and activities and increase visibility across your network environments. The dashboard for each engine makes monitoring and response to your network incidents easy.

Reducing Security Monitoring Cost

TG8 engines come with built-in security monitoring to log incidents and display inline and historic data. The security monitoring modules come by default with TG8 platform without a need for additional license or device, reducing the initial and operating costs.

TG8 All-in-One Protection