Securing Web Apps
   from the Latest Web-Based
Attacks at a Lower Cost

The TG8 WAF Engine provides excellent value with the best combination of security effectiveness, performance, and cost to protect applications from the latest web-based attacks.

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Advanced Security WAF

Developed using the base of its powerful deep packet inspection firewall and IPS engines, TG8’s WAF engines provide the ultimate in web application security. The engine offers protection from DDoS and API attacks along with bot mitigation and threat intelligence.

WAF at Greater Performance

Powered by its parallel processing and multi-threaded technology, TG8’s WAF engine meets the performance needs of enterprise web applications

Simple and Affordable WAF

Due to its unparalleled programming architecture, the TG8 WAF Engine uses minimal hardware resources, reducing its initial costs dramatically. Additionally, like all TG8 engines, the WAF engine is user friendly and easy to configure and support, reducing the long-term total cost of ownership.

WAF Security Monitoring

Review logs from WAF engine to pinpoint the source and types of attempted attacks. Study incident patterns and assess incident trends for better security risk assessment.

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