Providing Unprecedented Network Security and

The TG8 DPI Firewall Engine offers advanced security, exceptional performance, and seamless integration and goes beyond the technology of Next Generation Firewalls.

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What Makes TG8 DPI Firewall Effective

The TG8 DPI Firewall Engine can scan the contents of network packet to prevent embedded attacks in the payload part. On the other hand, the stateful packet inspection firewalls which are the foundation of most today’s UTMs and NGFWs only check the information in the packet’s header.

Advanced Attack Prevention

The TG8 DPI Firewall engine is capable of thoroughly scanning not only the packet header and application header but also the payload to prevent advanced cyber-attacks including: fileless, fragmented, malware, ransomware, violations of contents policies and more.

An Unsurpassed Performance

Due to its parallel processing and multithreaded architecture, the examination of the contents of the entire network packet is done at unprecedented speeds. The TG8 DPI Firewall can meet the throughput requirements of large-scale datacenters.

Why TG8 DPI Firewall

Built-in Firewall Session Intelligence

This feature makes TG8 immune to multiple DoS/DDoS types of attacks. Unlike other firewall technology, TG8 uses a policy-based rule to prevent non-volumetric DoS attacks like Slow HTTP Attacks.

Stopping the Attack Sources

The TG8 DPI Firewall can stop traffic coming from applications, users or countries which launch cyber-attacks. The geo-location DPI firewall filtering is based on not only the destination country but the source country. This prevents users from unwanted countries from browsing your published servers to minimize the risk of attacks.

Applying Advanced Security Methodology to Keep Up with Evolving Cyber Threats

The baseline of TG8 platform was built upon the on the last generation of firewall type, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Firewall technology. Because of this, TG8’s programmers can develop or utilize other advanced security methods across the line of TG8’s engines to prevent cyber-attacks, enhance security and boost performance.

Saving Time and Resources on Configuration and Support

The TG8 DPI Firewall simplifies the configuration and support of its engines by dealing with names instead of IP addresses. This enables you to set your firewall policy to stop internet applications by name instead of IP address.

Avoid Insider Attacks

The TG8 DPI Firewall prevents workers who bring their laptops or connect via VPN from accidently spreading worms, viruses, and other malware into your organization’s network.

Smart Security Visibility

The TG8 DPI Firewall provides smart security visibility on applications and users to pinpoint the root cause of attacks. Audit trails are logged to prevent insider threats.

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