Preventing a Full
Range of Threats
with Less False Positives

Unique to the TG8 IPS Engine, and designed to protect large-scale datacenters, the session layer approach will identify and address persistent threats. Enhanced security techniques ensure that ransomware attacks are blocked with reduced latency.

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Advanced Prevention

The threat prevention technology can inspect all traffic with full user control, automatically preventing known threats, regardless of port, protocol or SSL encryption.

Distributed processing

Run the TG8 IPS engine over multiple devices for high availability or process sharing for increased performance.

Pre-configured Profiles

Select from a number of pre-configured profiles in order to implement your security policies. These proven policy profiles will speed up your configuration process and give you the best possible protection.

Automatic Detection and Prevention

The IPS engine enables cybersecurity teams to easily defend against cyber threats in near real time. It focuses on true malicious behavior to reduce false positive alerts and save time and resources.

Industrial Networks

SCADA networks and other industrial platforms will benefit from TG8s specialized IPS signatures.

Session Layer Approach

TG8’s IPS Engine uses a session layer approach to identify and address persistent threats and to reduce processing latency. This is done by processing the session layer first, and then the data IPS layer.

Updated Intrusion signatures

The TG8 specialized SOC teams work around the clock in coordination with the top security advisories to keep your device updated. High risk intrusion signatures are pushed automatically, while intelligence feeds are updated daily.

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