Boosting and
Increasing WAN Availability

The TG8 SD-WAN engine utilizes the inherited parallel processing and multithreaded technology within TG8’s architecture to provide an exceptional performance.

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More security

The TG8 SD-WAN engine integrates and coexists on the same device with other powerful TG8 security engines. These engines are powered by the TG8 DPI firewall to protect your organization from advanced cyber-attacks across branches, cloud, and data centers.

Less Cost

TG8’s parallel processing and multithreaded technologies empower TG8’s SD-WAN models to meet small to large installation needs while using minimal hardware specifications. The initial investment on hardware devices is reduced.

Simple Operations

The TG8 Central Manager allows multiple TG8’s SD-WAN devices to be remotely configured, managed. This platform enables you to avoid cumbersome rollout, configuration, and administration of TG8 SD-WAN devices deployed in remote locations.

TG8 Appliances and Licensing

On Premises and In Cloud Simple Management

The TG8 Central Manager is available on premises in appliances and software to meet your onsite installation and management. Also, the TG8 Central Manager gives you the option to configure and manage TG8 devices in the cloud.

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