Powerful Antivirus to
Best Protect Today’s Cybersecurity Gateways

The TG8 antivirus engine is unique among other AV gateway for both its security algorithms and performance in detecting and preventing network viruses.

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Dedicated Gateway Antivirus

Built from the ground up, the TG8 Antivirus Engine meets the most stringent demands for protecting today’s cybersecurity gateways.

Unlimited File Size Scanning

The TG8 Antivirus Engine can scan any file regardless of its size to prevent viruses embedded in downloaded programs or large files.

Extensive Antivirus Signatures

The TG8 Antivirus Engine contains more than ten million signatures which prevent a wide range of virus types including encrypted file viruses. These database signatures are updated and pushed automatically to customers.

Extended Antivirus Signatures

The TG8 Gateway Antivirus contains database with extended antivirus signatures for android, Java, downloads, and the web to stop diverse types of viruses.

On-Premises or In the Cloud Deployment

The TG8 Gateway Antivirus engine meets small to large enterprises licensing requirements. TG8 offers appliances and software for on-premises deployment. Regardless of deployment method, this engine provides the same functionality and performance and uses minimal hardware resources. In addition, customers can go with flexible subscriptions in the cloud.

Exceptional Performance

The TG8 Antivirus Engine is optimized to scan and prevent viruses at exceptional speeds to meet the requirements of both enterprise networks and large-scale datacenters.

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