Stopping Malicious Codes
Embedded in HTTPS Contents at Higher Speed

The TG8 HTTPs Content Scanning engine offers the most advanced scanning and delivers unprecedented performance while using minimal hardware resources.

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Advanced Scanning

The TG8 HTTP(s) Content Scanning Engine will conduct deep packet inspection on websites and HTTP headers. It can filter cookies and detect and correct malicious Java codes. In conjunction with the Gateway Antivirus, it will scan HTTPS on both files and embedded page content for viruses and malware even if the websites are whitelisted.

The Fastest Performance on the Market

A typical TG8 model can scan more than 4800 URLs at once, delivering the fastest performance on the market. Larger models can double or triple this number of URLs, accommodating installations ranging from a few to millions of users.

On-Premises or In the Cloud Deployment

The TG8 HTTP(s) Scanning Engine can be deployed as an appliance, software (VM/ISO Image) or in the public cloud. Regardless of the deployment, this engine provides the same functionality and performance and uses minimal hardware resources.

Flexible Deployment Modes

The TG8 HTTP(s) Scanning Engine can be deployed in either inline or offline mode, depending on your topology and requirements. You can protect your perimeter and load balance traffic over your ISPs WAN connections using the inline mode. Using the offline mode, you can use this engine to function as an explicit proxy which will protect your internal network users from forward attacks initiated by browsing the internet without changing your routing traffic flow.

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