Advanced Technology
to Optimize and Manage Internet Usage

Using minimal required hardware, the TG8 Web Filtering Engine will accommodate any network expansion and deliver astonishing performance due to its multi-layered filtering approach.

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Machine Learning and URL Categorization

The TG8 Web Filtering Engine applies a combination of URL categorization and machine learning to classify web sites to any of the 110 classification categories in the database, and enforce Internet access policies. The machine learning algorithm studies the behavior patterns of any URL to categorize unknown URLs or block malicious websites.

Advanced features

The TG8 scalable web filtering’s advanced feature set will allow for the capacity to scan and filter both URLs and URIs, create graphic reports and enforce URL reverse IP ratings with GEOIP locators whether you are a small business or a telecom/ISP with millions of users.

Web Access Monitoring

The TG8 Web Filtering Engine comes with a built-in analytics and reporting feature to gain clear visibility into your user’s web activity. You can easily view users who try to violate your internet access policy. You can drill down to display specific sites, web categories and employees.

On-Premises or In the Cloud Deployment

The TG8 Web Filtering engine meets small to large enterprises licensing requirements. TG8 offers appliances and software for on-premises deployment. Regardless of deployment method, this engine provides the same functionality and performance and uses minimal hardware resources. In addition, customers can go with flexible subscriptions in the cloud.

Supporting Telecom/IPS Filtering Requirements

The TG8 Web Filtering engine applies TG8’s multithreaded and parallel processing technologies to enable filtering URLs and URIs for millions of internet subscribers at a greater performance. The Engine will meet the requirements of a telecom/ISP whether deployed on previously owned barebones hardware, a virtual machine or on TG8’s appliances.

Lower cost

TG8 Web Filtering requires less hardware specifications and provides flexible licensing options to significantly reduce initial and operating costs.

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