TG8 offers Multilayered Cybersecurity Engines which stop cyber criminals from infiltrating your datacenter with ransomware attacks.

Deep Packet Inspection Firewall

The TG8 Firewall Engine is capable of thoroughly scanning not only the IP header and application layer but also the payload. Due to its parallel processing and multithreaded architecture, the deep packet inspection is done at unprecedented speeds. Since this technology scans the packet payload, many advanced security techniques can be used to prevent ever evolving cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

TG8’s engines are continuously updated with threat intelligence feeds that protect your datacenter from evolving ransomware and phishing attacks, zero-day threats and bad IP reputations.

The TG8 Email Security Engine

The TG8 Email Security Engine uses advanced techniques which filter and scan email headers, contents and embedded links to prevent these common ransomware attack vectors.

Secure Connections

The client-to-site VPN Engine stops threats including ransomware that might exist on a remote client from passing through to your datacenter. The TG8 VPN Engine is optimized for your internet connection to provide the best reliability and speed

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