The TG8 Web Filtering Engine’s built-in reporting and analytics module gives your operations the tools needed to manage your internet access and save network bandwidth.

URL categorization

The TG8 Web Filtering Engine has more than 110 URL categories so that you can manage your access to the internet at the perimeter. This can eliminate or reduce unnecessary internal and external network traffic. Since it uses both URL and URI categorization, the engine gives your security team detailed internet access management.

Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning to validate the URL categorization database and classify uncategorized URLS, the TG8 Web Filtering Engine gives your business the best website filtering experience.

Analytics and Reporting

The built-in Analytics and Reporting Module gives your management full visibility on how your Internet is used and by whom. This module comes with various summarized and graphical reports which will assist your team in developing the best policies for use within your business.

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