The TG8 VPN Engine establishes the fastest and most reliable VPN connections on the market.

Client to Site VPN

The Client-to-Site TG8 VPN Engine establishes reliable, secure and fast connections for your employees remote access. There are many security issues raised with remote connections, and a secure VPN is a must these days. TG8’s VPN client is lite on the machine, prevents malware from propagating and comes with many features such as auto restart, auto connect and user/password logging with certification.

Site to Site VPN

The TG8 Site-to-Site VPN Engine is one of the few on the market to support connections using the popular SSL connection, which is more secure than IPSec. No certificates are needed, as this engine includes user/password logging certification out of the box.

Vendor Compatibility

Both the Client-to-Site and Site-to-Site VPN Engines from TG8 can integrate with products from most other VPN Engines. However to benefit from TG8’s fast speed, you will need TG8 Engines on both sides of the connection.

Simplified Management

Using TG8’s flexible licensing program, you can use the Central Management Software to manage as many devices you have, no matter the location.

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