The TG8 VPN Engine establishes the fastest and most reliable VPN connections on the market.

VPN Services

TG8’s powerful VPN engine offers client-to-site or site-to-site connections. One of the few VPN engines to offer SSL site-to-site connections using the strength of SSL over IPSec, TG8 also supports site-to-site IPSec and client-to-site SSL tunnels.

VPN Compatibility

The TG8 VPN Engine supports multi-client agents such as Anyconnect, The GreenBow, OpenVPN and others allowing seamless connection with sites using other VPN technology, or you can use our engine on both sides for enhanced speed.

Fast & Reliable Engine

The TG8 VPN Engine is proven to be the fastest and most reliable VPN connection on the market, limited only by your own internet connection speed.

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