TG8’s Multilayered Cybersecurity Engines stop cyber criminals from using perimeter security links that push their ransomware attacks on your network devices.

TG8 Application Control

Keep unwanted applications off of your network with the TG8 Application Access (CONTROL OR ACCESS?) Engine. This engine can stop or limit virtually all internet applications including encrypted VPN applications like Psiphon.

HTTP(s) Content Scanning

The TG8 HTTP(s) Content Scanning Engine will inspect website contents and protect your users from malware embedded in external websites.

Email Security Engine

The TG8 Email Security Engine uses advanced techniques which filter and scan email headers, contents and embedded links to prevent these common ransomware attack vectors.

Secure Connection

The site-to-site VPN Engine stops threats including ransomware that might exist on a remote site from passing through to your network. The TG8 VPN Engine is optimized for your internet connection to provide the best reliability and speed.

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