Prevent Malware from
   Infecting Your Datacenter’s Servers

TG8 DPI Firewall and TG8 IPS together scan the entire network packet and apply advanced security mechanism to prevent advanced malware. The TG8 Gateway Antivirus Engine injected with more than ten million antimalware signatures can scan any file type and size at a faster rate.

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Powerful Gateway Antivirus

The TG8 Gateway Antivirus Engine provides the fastest scanning on the market. Its more than ten million regularly updated virus signatures ensure that your datacenter will remain virus free. This powerful engine can scan any file size without compromising performance.

Sandbox Integration

TG8 can provide or integrate with an existing sandboxing solution to enhance security and prevent zero-day attacks.

Deep Packet Inspection

TG8’s Deep Packet Inspection Technology can decrypt and encrypt SSL/TLS traffic to protect your servers from advanced attacks encrypted within SSL/TLS connections.

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