Multilayer Security to
Secure Your Datacenter Email Servers

Intelligent email security solutions deployed on-premises or on the cloud can defend against advanced inbound and outbound attacks at higher speed.

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Advanced Email Security

TG8’s advanced email security module works to scan embedded URLs in email contents, which can prevent phishing attacks. Other security features include: Reverse MX lookup, host address reputation and verification, domain-IP verification, content filtering and deep spam filtering.

Email Security Monitoring

The TG8 Email Security Engine comes with a Monitoring Module, which gives your datacenter administrators smart visibility and the ability to easily generate various summarized reports, including top spammer and top senders.

Powerful Gateway Antivirus

The TG8 Gateway Antivirus scans any attachment regardless of the size to prevent downloading infected files. TG8 antivirus is injected with more than 10 million antimalware signatures to stop evolving malware at high speed.

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