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Meeting Industry Cybersecurity Challenges Head-On

Unified Defense Against Industry-Wide Threats

In today's interconnected landscape, industries face a common nemesis—DoS/DDoS attacks, ransomware, phishing, and insider threats. These threats transcend sectors, posing challenges that demand a unified defense. From the relentless disruptions of denial-of-service attacks to the insidious nature of ransomware, businesses grapple with safeguarding against these incidents.

Strategic Challenges: Cutting Costs Without Compromising Security

Industries encounter the strategic challenge of cutting costs while fortifying their security posture. Balancing financial prudence with robust cybersecurity measures is a delicate dance. Explore solutions that empower your business to navigate this intricate landscape, ensuring a cost-sensitive approach without compromising on security resilience.

Navigating the Security Maze: Controlling and Upholding Privacy

In the digital era, controlling security outcomes and upholding data privacy emerge as paramount challenges. Industries strive to navigate the intricate security maze, seeking solutions that provide granular control over their defenses while steadfastly protecting the privacy of sensitive data.

Facing the Insider Threat: Safeguarding from Within

The insider threat looms large across industries, presenting a unique challenge that demands focused solutions. Explore strategies to detect and mitigate insider threats while maintaining a balance between trust and security. Uphold the integrity of your organization by addressing this complex challenge head-on.

Empowering 11 Industries: Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Experience the power of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed to empower companies in 11 diverse industries. Our comprehensive defense strategy effectively addresses challenges posed by DoS/DDoS attacks, ransomware, phishing, and insider threats. Elevate your security posture and gain valuable insights from our global experience, confidently navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity threats.

Addressing Cyber Threats in Finance and Banking

Navigating Cyber Challenges in Finance and Banking

The financial and banking sector grapples with a surge in cyber threats, ranging from sophisticated phishing, insider to ransomware attacks. Adversaries relentlessly target sensitive data and transactions, heightening the imperative for robust cybersecurity. Compounded by compliance complexities, these challenges underscore the necessity for proactive measures to secure assets and uphold trust in the face of evolving threats.

Perimeter Security Solutions for Financial Connectivity Challenges

Overcome intricate connectivity demands with our Unified DPI Firewall. Combining Routing, SD-WAN, VPN, and advanced security features, it establishes robust perimeter security, essential for safeguarding financial operations.

Securing Financial Communications: Email Threat Defense

Protect sensitive financial communications from evolving threats using TG8 Email Secure Gateway. With advanced threat detection, it safeguards against phishing and malware, ensuring secure and compliant email communication in the finance industry.

Fortifying Web Applications in Finance: WAF Solutions

Guard financial web applications against cyber threats with our Web Application Firewall (WAF). Tailored for the finance sector, it offers robust protection, reducing the risk of web-based attacks on critical financial systems.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in Finance

Our cybersecurity solutions provide a comprehensive framework to help financial sectors navigate and comply with stringent regulatory standards. From data protection to secure transactions, our tailored approach ensures adherence, fostering trust and resilience in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Preserving Data Integrity: Ransomware Prevention Strategies

Safeguard financial assets from ransomware threats using our Ransomware Prevention solutions. Employing advanced measures, it protects against ransomware attacks, preserving data integrity crucial for the finance industry.

Next-Gen Access Security for Finance: Passwordless Authentication

Transform access security with Passwordless Authentication. Mitigate credential risks and enhance authentication resilience, providing a secure and user-friendly solution tailored for the finance sector.

Mitigating Insider Threats in Financial Institutions: PAM Solutions

Secure financial systems from insider threats with Privileged Access Management (PAM). Ensure controlled access to sensitive data, mitigating risks associated with privileged accounts and bolstering security in the finance industry.

Securing Patient Records, Streamlining Operations

Simplifying Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges

Healthcare faces escalating cyber threats with targeted attacks on patient data, medical records, and critical infrastructure. DoS/DDoS, Ransomware and phishing attacks pose substantial risks, necessitating robust cybersecurity measures. Strengthening defenses is imperative to protect sensitive healthcare information and ensure the integrity of patient care.

Preserving Healthcare Data Integrity: Ransomware Prevention technology

Safeguard healthcare assets from ransomware threats with our Ransomware Prevention solutions. Implementing advanced measures, it protects against ransomware attacks, preserving the integrity of critical healthcare data.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Empower the healthcare sector with our cybersecurity solutions designed to ensure seamless adherence to regulatory standards. From safeguarding patient data to securing critical infrastructure, our tailored approach fosters compliance, building trust and resilience in the dynamic healthcare regulatory landscape.

Unified Gateway Security for Healthcare Data Protection

Ensure the security of patient data with our Unified DPI Firewall. Integrating SD-WAN, VPN, DPI firewall, IPS, Web Filtering, and Apps Control, it establishes a resilient network infrastructure tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Enhanced Email Security for Healthcare Communications

Safeguard healthcare communications against phishing and malware threats using our Email Secure Gateway. With advanced threat detection, it ensures secure and HIPAA-compliant email exchanges, prioritizing patient confidentiality.

WAF Solutions: Fortifying Healthcare Web Applications

Defend critical healthcare web applications against cyber threats with our Web Application Firewall (WAF). Customized for the healthcare industry, it delivers robust protection against web-based attacks, securing vital systems.

Tracking & Pinpointing Incidents: Logging & Monitoring Solutions

Elevate cybersecurity in healthcare through our Logging & Monitoring solutions. Swiftly detect and respond to potential threats, providing proactive defense against breaches and unauthorized access to patient information.

Secure Healthcare Without Password Risks and Costs: Go Passwordless

Transform access security in healthcare with Passwordless Authentication. Mitigate credential risks and enhance authentication resilience, providing a secure and user-friendly solution tailored to the healthcare sector.

Defending Manufacturing: Budget-Friendly Cyber Resilience

Overcoming Manufacturing Cyber Threat Challenges

Manufacturers grapple with tight budgets while combating cyber threats like ransomware and phishing. Securing critical infrastructure, protecting data, and ensuring operations face budget constraints. Addressing these challenges requires cost-effective solutions to fortify manufacturing systems against evolving cyber threats.

Fortifying Manufacturing Cybersecurity with Advanced Perimeter Defense

Bolster your manufacturing operations against cyber threats. Our security gateway, supported by a fully-fledged firewall, enhances network fortification, offering robust protection, internet control, policy enforcement, optimized WAN connections, and secure interconnection for sites and remote workers.

Defending Manufacturing Web Infrastructure: WAF Solutions

Safeguard your critical manufacturing web applications. TG8 WAF defends against OWASP top 10 attacks, ensuring the security of your web infrastructure and preserving operational continuity for your manufacturing processes.

Securing Manufacturing Communications: TG8 Email Security Gateway

Ensure the security of your communication channels in manufacturing. The TG8 Email Security Gateway provides robust protection against email-based attacks, guaranteeing secure and compliant email exchanges within your manufacturing environment.

Staying Ahead of Threats in Manufacturing: TG8 Logging & Monitoring

Stay ahead of cyber threats in manufacturing with TG8's built-in logging and monitoring. Enjoy extended logging at no additional cost, gaining deep visibility to track incidents. Analyze and conduct threat hunting to uncover violations and potential breaches, ensuring proactive threat detection for your manufacturing operation.

Protecting SCADA Systems: TG8 IPS Protection

Ensure the protection of your SCADA systems with TG8 IPS. Equipped with ready signatures, it shields SCADA from cyber-attacks, maintaining operational continuity and security for your critical manufacturing processes.

Affordable Cyber Solutions for Manufacturers

Embrace cost-effective cybersecurity solutions tailored for manufacturers. Our straightforward approach prioritizes simplicity without sacrificing effectiveness, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats at a lower cost.

Revolutionizing Ransomware Prevention and User Security

Explore a new era of cybersecurity with our partners' cutting-edge endpoint technology. Zero trust processing stops ransomware from the start, while advanced measures thwart phishing attacks. Elevate user experience with the adoption of secure and convenient passwordless authentication for unparalleled security.

Ensuring Cyber Safety in the Educational Industry

Mastering Educational Cyber Threats on a Budget

Education institutions navigate cyber threats, including DoS/DDoS, phishing and ransomware, while managing the added complexity of wireless protection—all within tight budgets. Controlling internet usage becomes pivotal, ensuring a secure and accessible network despite financial constraints amid dynamic cyber threats

Elevating Education Cybersecurity with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall

TG8 Unified DPI Firewall surpasses NGFWs and addresses proxy shortcomings, offering gateway and wireless network security with high performance. This solution provides an affordable, flexible, and effective defense, ensuring secure connectivity, robust data protection, and controlled access.

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Education: WAF Solutions

Protect educational web infrastructure from cyber threats with our Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions. Tailored for the education sector, it delivers advanced defense, securing web applications and maintaining operational continuity in the face of evolving cyber risks.

Empowering Education Security: Complimentary Logging & Monitoring

Empower your education security strategy with our complimentary Logging & Monitoring modules. Track incidents, gain visibility, and proactively respond to potential threats, fortifying defenses against breaches and unauthorized access. Secure your learning environment with our no-cost cybersecurity solution.

Ransomware Prevention for Education: Secure Learning Environments

Safeguard educational assets from ransomware threats with our Ransomware Prevention solutions. Employing advanced measures, it protects against ransomware attacks, preserving data integrity and ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences for students and educators.

Passwordless Authentication: Simplifying Access in Education

Revolutionize access security in education with Passwordless Authentication. Eliminate the vulnerabilities of traditional passwords, providing a secure and user-friendly solution tailored for the education sector, ensuring seamless and safe access for students and staff.

Simplify and Secure: Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions for Education

Experience simplicity and affordability with our cybersecurity solution. Seamless implementation and cost-effectiveness empower institutions to strengthen defenses without budget constraints. Safeguard your education environment with accessible and efficient cybersecurity measures.