Delivering DPI Firewalling
Services at a Lower Cost

Small to large businesses can protect their IT infrastructure from advanced network-based attacks with minimum latency by subscribing to TG8 DPI Firewall at lower prices.

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Effective Network Security Engines

TG8 combines the technology of packet filtering, stateful inspection firewall, DPI Firewall, IPS, VPN, SD-WAN to provide comprehensive network security.

Advanced Security

TG8 DPI Firewall examines not only the packet header and application header but also the payload to prevent advanced cyber-attacks including: fileless, fragmented, malware, ransomware, violations of contents policies and more. The TG8 DPI firewall works in conjunction with TG8 IPS to avoid any network-based attacks and exploitation.

Lower Cost

TG8 DPI Firewall is optimized to require minimal hardware specifications with the option to deploy TG8 appliances or TG8 software with no latency. TG8 DPI Firewall can coexist with other TG8 engines on the same device without impacting performances.

Minimum latency

TG8’s parallel processing and multithreaded architecture which is independent of hardware enable you to offer your customers DPI firewalling at greater throughput

Deep Insights

TG8 DPI firewall increases customers’ visibility across their network environment, users, and apps. It can track the root cause of incidents and predict future cyber-attacks with no need to an additional device.

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