Expanding Your Customer
  Base at a Lower Cost

Accommodate your customers’ expansion needs without changing your existing devices by using TG8’s scalable technology. TG8’s models can support a wide range of network users. The TG8 IPS engine’s distributed processing technology allows you to share performance over multiple devices.

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Appliances & Software

TG8 supports its own appliances, or you can install TG8 platform on a VM environment or even a barebones Server. Because of its unique parallel processing and multithreading technology, the performance or security is the same, no matter the device.

Flexible Licensing

TG8 transferrable engine licenses come in bulk to accommodate your client’s user needs. Activate your licenses when needed, keeping passive licensing standing by for future expansion. Pay by the month or year, as best suits your business model.

Single or All-in-One Protection

Depending on the needs of your clients, you can run each TG8 engine on its own device or run multiple engines on a single unit with no loss of performance or security. Mirror your setups using passive devices/engines.

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