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  Affordable and Fast WAF

TG8 has made WAF engine simple to configure and manage. Select and apply security options in a few steps to protect websites from OWASP attacks.

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Enhanced Security

Protect your customers’ websites from advanced web-based attacks with the TG8 WAF Engine. The TG8 WAF Engine provides your customers’ web applications with bot defense, Dos/DDoS protection, application-layer encryption and advanced persistent intrusion protection.

Lower Cost

The TG8 WAF Engine is optimized to run on minimal hardware specifications with the option to deploy TG8 appliances or TG8 software. TG8 platform is hardware independent to deliver the same throughput and security regardless of the deployment model.

An unparallel Performance

No matter the scope of your customers’ requirements, the parallel processing and multithreaded technology of the TG8 WAF Engine will give you the performance you need.

Security Monitoring

The TG8 WAF Engine comes with built-in Security Monitoring to log incidents and pinpoint the source of attacks.

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