Protect Your Bank from
   Evolving Cyber Attacks and Facilitate Compliancy

Don’t be the next cybercriminal victim. Deploy TG8’s DPI firewall and advanced cybersecurity engines in your bank to stop attacks on your gateway and over email. Defend your bank against ransomware and other advanced attacks

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Keep Advanced Attacks Out of Your Bank

TG8 DPI firewall scans the contents of the network packet stop malicious codes embedded in the payload portion. TG8’s parallel processing and multithreaded architecture enables TG8 to apply DPI firewalling security at a greater performance.

Maintain Bank Transactions’ Confidentiality and Integrity

TG8’s site-to-site VPN engine provides the fastest and most reliable encrypted connections between your locations. Encrypting your traffic prevents hackers from intercepting your bank transactions and other confidential communications.

Optimize WAN Connections and Protect your Remote Sites

TG8 SD-WAN and TG8 DPI Firewall are better together to manage WAN connections, prioritize applications and secure traffic

Secure Your Email Contents and Stop Phishing Attacks

Use the TG8 email security intelligence feature to prevent the common home logging page phishing attack. The TG8 Email Security Engine will also scan incoming and outgoing email for malware and can filter suspicious content.

Avoid External Websites Embedded with Harmful Content

Stop malware reaching your users when they visit external websites. The TG8 HTTPS Content Scanning Engine scans sites for embedded malicious content and stops it from reaching your IT infrastructure.

Simplify Operations and Comply with Regulatory Standards

TG8 provides DPI firewalls and advanced cybersecurity gateways which follow the guidelines of banking regulatory standards and integrates with top security companies to facilitate PCI-DDS and Swift compliances.

Defend Your Network Against DoS/DDoS Attacks

Deploy TG8’s Firewall featuring session intelligence to stop DoS/DDoS Attacks and keep your firewall and applications running. TG8 uses its unique policy-based algorithms to stop DoS/DDos attacks, while other technology in the industry is still prone to DoS/DDoS attacks because of their use of session tables.

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Protect Your Web Servers from Web-based Attacks

Protect your web servers from web-based attacks using TG8’s easy to use WAF. This Engine effectively protects your e-banking applications and portals from targeted attacks.