Secure Your Student
  Information While Saving Money

Ensure safe surfing for your students and faculty. Use the TG8 Web Filtering Engine to control the Internet access on your campus and protect your students from inappropriate websites. Limit and manage access according to your educational policies.

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Protect Your Network and Applications from Advanced Attacks

Combined with its powerful IPS engine, TG8 DPI Firewall engine provides an advanced mechanism to scan the entire contents of network packet and prevent malicious codes embedded in the payload data frame.

Stop the download of Viruses from the Internet

Stop your users from downloading viruses. The TG8 Gateway Antivirus Engine, powered by more than 10,000,000 signatures complements your endpoint security and protects your devices from downloaded viruses. TG8 Gateway Antivirus can scan any type of file regardless of its size.

Protect Your Student Portal from Cyber Attacks

The high performance TG8 WAF Engine protects your student data and stops web-based attacks from reaching your portals. With simplified configuration and management, this engine saves you resources and money.

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