Meet the highest standards
  of government security at a lower cost

TG8’s gateway engines safeguard your network and data from advanced cyber-attacks. The TG8 DPI Firewall engine scans the contents of the network to stop fragmented and advanced attacks embedded in the packet payload.

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Lower Your Cybersecurity Gateway Costs

Deploy the most advanced cybersecurity gateways on the market at the lowest cost in the industry. Due to their parallel processing and multithreaded technology configurations, TG8 engines needs minimal hardware resources which keeps cost down. Run TG8’s engines with the same performance as TG8’s appliances by using your VM servers or on a barebone PC or server.

Secure Your E-Government Services

Stop cyber criminals from hijacking your E-government services. The TG8 WAF Engine can easily be configured and managed to protect your services at the lowest cost in the industry.

Defend Your Network Against DoS/DDoS Attacks

Deploy TG8’s Firewall featuring session intelligence to stop DoS/DDoS Attacks and keep your firewall and applications running. TG8 uses its unique policy-based algorithms to stop DoS/DDos attacks, while other technology in the industry is still prone to DoS/DDoS attacks because of their use of session tables.

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