Secure Patient Information
   and Maximize Operations Uptime

TG8 All-in-One Protection stemmed by the TG8 DPI Firewall engine gives your business the protection it needs at a lower cost. Multiple TG8 gateway engines can be run on the same device, protecting your servers from cyber threats with no loss of performance.

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Keep your Operations Up Against Denial-of-Service Attacks

TG8 DPI Firewall’s built-in Firewall session intelligence to protect your IT infrastructure against DOS/DDoS attacks.

Maximize your employees remote access connection speed

Your employees can use any of the most common VPN clients to connect with the reliable TG8 Client-To-Site VPN Engine. Auto-reconnection and authentication make this the fastest VPN engine on the market.

Comply with HIPPA Compliance Requirements

TG8 follows the guidelines of HIPPA requirements to deliver cybersecurity gateways which facilitate the HIPPA compliance.

Avoid Harmful Content Embedded in External Websites

Protect your employees and network devices from harmful content embedded in external websites. The TG8 HTTPS Content Scanning and Gateway Antivirus Engines can stop malware from ending up on your network devices. The TG8 Web Filtering Engine will allow you to monitor and manage employee access and report on internet utilization.

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