A Beyond Stateful Inspection Firewall for Enhanced Security and Performance

TG8’s Deep Packet Inspection Firewall technology can scan and stop embedded attacks in the data section of a packet. Many advanced fragmented, or fileless, attacks are inserted into the payload of a packet so they can bypass typical stateful firewall technology. Unlike most firewalls in the industry, TG8 scans not only the IP header of a packet, but the payload as well. TG8 can prevent these attacks, and with its parallel processing and multithreaded technology, it can do so with no negative effect on performance.

Apply Advanced Security Methodology to Keep Up with Evolving Cyber Threats.

The baseline of TG8 was built upon the deep packet inspection firewall technology. Because of this, TG8’s programmers are able to develop or utilize other advanced security methods across the line of TG8’s engines in order to prevent cyber-attacks, enhance security and boost performance.

Save Time and Resources on Configuration and Support

TG8 simplifies the configuration and support of its engines by dealing with names instead of IP addresses. This enables you to set your firewall policy to stop internet applications by name instead of IP address.

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