DoS/DDoS Attacks

The Firewall Session Intelligence built into a typical TG8 firewall stops DoS/DDoS attacks at the network edge.

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Rule-based Policy

The typical firewall today, uses session tables to manage DoS/DDoS attacks, which can become saturated by the attack’s flood, bringing the firewall down. TG8, on the other hand, uses an innovative rules-based policy to manage DoS/DDoS attacks (none-volumetric), making the TG8 DPI Firewall immune to these nefarious attacks.

Volumetric and Non-Volumetric

A DoS/DDoS attack can come in one of two forms: Volumetric, which aims to saturate your bandwidth to bring your network down, and non-Volumetric, which aims to overwhelm your firewall’s resources resulting in a network down situation. TG8’s firewalls stop non-Volumetric invasions including SYN attacks and DNS poisoning.

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