Simplifying IP
   Subnetting Management

The propriety TG8 ID protocol has been developed by TG8’s programming team to simplify IP subnetting in a multi-remote-site environment.

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Saving Time on Remote Visits

The TG8 ID Protocol solves routing overlap incidents and saves engineers from having to do site visits for IP subnetting configuration.

Prevent Routing Overlap Incidents

TG8 ID Protocol eliminates the risk of routing conflicts that can cause communication issues and network instability.

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Scale and Flex with Ease

TG8 ID Protocol is designed to accommodate the dynamic nature of network infrastructures. Technical professionals can easily add new sites and subnets without worrying about IP address allocation or routing conflicts.

Enhance Network Efficiency

By eliminating the overhead of IP addressing, the TG8 ID Protocol streamlines packet routing and improves network efficiency. This optimized routing mechanism reduces latency, enhances throughput, and ensures smooth data transmission across the network.