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Connecting and Securing Across Sites

Organizations with distributed locations face the challenge of establishing seamless connectivity while ensuring the security of data transmission. The TG8 SD-WAN and VPN solutions provide an integrated approach to address these needs, offering a cost-effective and secure network infrastructure.
  • Fast Connectivity and Cost Reduction: Utilize TG8 SD-WAN and VPN for fast and seamless connections between distributed sites, reducing costs by leveraging Internet connectivity without the need for public IPs.
  • Traffic Optimization for Speed: Assign traffic among WAN connections for fast redundancy and efficient bandwidth use, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Fast and Secure Remote Access: Enable employees to access the corporate network securely and quickly with no-cost client agents, implementing fast encryption for data transmission.
  • SSL Connections for Speed: Utilize fast SSL connections with free certifications for both site-to-site and client-to-site communication, enhancing security without compromising speed.
  • Implementation Steps for Speed: Deploy TG8 SD-WAN, integrate VPN capabilities, optimize costs, manage traffic, and establish fast, secure remote access with encryption.