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Network Perimeter Protection

Deploying TG8 Unified DPI Firewall presents a robust use case for network perimeter protection, offering scalability, flexibility, and high performance. This solution effectively circumvents proxy limitations, safeguarding your business from both external and internal network-based threats while providing granular control over internet usage and applications.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Effortlessly adapt to evolving network needs with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall’s scalable design. Avoid hardware replacement for increased traffic, ensuring longevity. Seamlessly integrate for optimal, future-proof performance.
  • High Performance: Ensure uninterrupted network operations with TG8 Unified DPI Firewall’s high-performance capabilities. Maintain consistent protection even during high traffic volumes.
  • Proxy Limitation Avoidance: Overcome proxy limitations with advanced deep packet inspection, enhancing protection against external and internal threats. Comprehensive defense beyond the constraints of traditional proxy solutions.
  • Control over Internet Usage and Applications: Exercise precise control over internet usage and applications through granular policy management. Define policies aligned with business requirements for enhanced security and optimized network resources.
  • Logging and Visibility: Enhance network monitoring with comprehensive logging capabilities, providing detailed insights into network activities. Improve visibility into network behavior for proactive threat detection and efficient management.