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Combating Ransomware Attacks

In the ongoing fight against ransomware threats, TG8 Security Platform adopts a proactive strategy by embedding advanced security measures within its Unified DPI Firewall and Secure Email Gateway. This holistic approach is designed to strengthen the gateway’s resilience against potential ransomware attacks. Additionally, TG8 collaborates strategically with Cybercrucible and implements the Rogue Preventing Protocol on endpoints, providing an all-encompassing defense mechanism against ransomware across the entire network infrastructure.
  • Unified DPI Firewall Protection: Utilize TG8’s Unified DPI Firewall for advanced security and integration with threat intelligence, identifying and blocking ransomware threats at the network level. Apply additional security mechanism on the firewall and IPS levels for granular analysis, ensuring early detection and prevention.
  • Secure Email Gateway Defenses: Enhance email security through TG8’s Secure Email Gateway, detecting and filtering ransomware-laden emails. Apply antivirus with more than 10 million signature to protect against malware embedded in any type of attachments, Preventing ransomware infiltration.
  • Enhancing Endpoint Security against Ransomware: Elevate endpoint security through a strategic partnership with Cybercrucible, deploying their Rogue Preventing Protocol for real-time monitoring and rapid responses to ransomware threats. Implement continuous monitoring to detect and thwart attacks at various stages, ensuring a lightweight yet robust security layer on endpoints. Unlike EDR and XDR technologies, this approach is distinct, prioritizing prevention and adhering strictly to the Zero Trust Process.